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From powder to soluble tablet

The more precise the results delivered by diagnostic laboratory technique, which tell us what substances, vitamins or minerals are best for our bodies, the greater the wish for food supplements that achieve that purpose. This is where effervescent tablets are seeing increasing use. The pharmaceutical industry as well is benefiting from the advantages of effervescent tablets.

When added to liquids, the substances quickly change from solid to liquid form, significantly shortening the time it takes for the body to absorb the substances. In some market segments, effervescent tablets are gaining ground, particularly in the over-the-counter market.

Effective health aids with fizz

As with other tablet forms, the production and transportation methods used for effervescent tablets are cost-efficient and suited for mass production.

To bring about the best possible process optimization and profitability in the manufacture of effervescent tablets, the specialists at kg-pharma support their customers as early as the development phase. The RoTab series and our specially developed mechanism for measuring the force of the tablet scraper allow adhesive tendencies to be detected even on a trial scale and enable the use of magnesium stearate in the formulation stage.

Our service team will be happy to explain the various applications of the kg-pharma tablet presses for the production of effervescent tablets in the research and development phase.

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