Tablettenentstauber pf/pfc serie

Flexibility and security

This new generation of tablet dust removers were constructed using an FDA-approved transparent HiTec polymer.

The major advantage is the visualization of the overall dust removal process of the tablets passing through as well as the subsequent washing process.

Suitable for all tablet sizes

Touchscreen with intuitive Software

Highest production security

Modular height construction

Experience the PF/PFC series

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Product details

About the product

The modular segments permit smaller increments in conveyor height (elevation height 550-1650 mm) than in the PF iSeries.

There has also been a significant reduction in operating noise to less than 60 dB(A).

Optionally, Pharma Flex models can be upgraded for high containment, while even the “C” basic model has containment characteristics.

Let yourself see the advantages of the Pharma Flex series for yourself and talk to our sales specialists.

The PF deduster can be equipped with a metal particles detector. Three different detectors are available per customer’s choice: Lock, Ceia, Safeline.

As metal particles detectors are sensitive to vibrations, the vibrating parts of the deduster are isolated from the steady parts by our Flex Connect components (See Flex Connect product page) .

This allows reaching an optimal accuracy such as a spherical 316L stainless steel part of 0,4mm in the products. A high speed rejection mechanism instantly rejects non-conform products.

The construction of this special frame saves space into the production room and reduces the retention areas.

Let yourself see the advantages of the Pharma Flex series for yourself and talk to our sales specialists.


  • New tablet dust removal and deburring technology
  • Transparent modular segments for flexible conveyor heights
  • Limited emission of operating noise
  • Increase tablet speed


Impressions of the tablet deduster of the PF/PFC series