Tablettenentstauber PTC Serie

Reliable tablet dedusting

The conveying vibrating dust remover of the Pharmatechnology PF series allows tablets and capsules to be freed from dust while they are being conveyed upwards directly after the press.

Intuitive Operation

Practically maintenance-free

Quiet and quiet operation

Modular height construction

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Product details

About the product

The products are conveyed using a stainless steel (316L) spiral by means of vibration. This device is delivered in various conveyance heights (500/750/1000/1250/1500).

Application of a new concept in dust removal. The dust is removed directly through perforations during its conveyance through the spiral. The excellent concept of dismantling the dust-carrying parts permits easy cleaning and an easily-controllable validation process.

Despite the vibrating drive, the dust remover runs very smoothly and almost without noise, while remaining almost free of maintenance.

Spiral heights of 750-1000-1250-1500 are produced in 2 sections to ensure easy disassembly by the operator.

For very high throughput or effervescent tablets, we can also provide a “large” spiral version. The PF model dust remover is available in a combined version integrating a metal detector (see “PTiC”) and/or an automatic distribution system. A two-way distributor is also available as an option, permitting two containers to be filled automatically without operator assistance.

The PF iSeries tablet deduster combines all of the technical properties of the PF series with an integrated THS/PH1N metal detector from CEIA.

The integrated system saves space and simplifies the handling of the peripheral devices for the Futorque X-1 and the RoTab series. Starting/stopping of the PTC, as well as the setting of any delay time, can be carried out using an optional 24 V output on the tablet press.

Various conveyor heights (500-750-1000-1250-1500) are also available for the PF, as are further options for various tablet shapes and areas of application.


  • Complete dust removal of the products to be tested before the IPC tester
  • Fewer cleaning-related interruptions during a given batch
  • No dust on the scales
  • Modular height structure of the PT


Impressions of the Tablet Deduster of the PT/PTC series